The I2C address of my LCD is 0x21, but your’s will probably be different. The I2C address of your LCD should be provided in the datasheet, but if not, you can find it by running this I2C_Scanner sketch. Use a Password to Activate a Relay. One of the most useful applications of a keypad is to use it for keyed entry.

Keypad Lever with Camelot Trim and Accent Lever with Flex Lock ... Ideal for garage entry doors, home offices, computer rooms, utility rooms, etc. Port B Keypad board EB014 Port C Port D Port E Test program keypad.hex 2. Test Procedure 1) Wire power to all boards. 2) Configure system and board options as above. 3) Download the test program to the Multiprogrammer 4) Press each button on the Keypad Board and check that the binary value of that Keypad number